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Something of A Mission Statement
Posted: 13 November 2022

This site is not going to be technical in nature. None of the usual computer faggotry will be found. Rest assured that the author and webmaster hate computers more than you do.

A frustrated and possibly racist frog menaces his computer with a shotgun.

There are more interesting things to do in life than write, maintain, and/or read Techblog, Generic, Substandard, No. 1350. Things like short stories, retarded images, curation of a link garden to send readers off to other small sites, PDFs and photographs of typewritten nonsense, MS Paint grade "art" and hand doodles, and the like. Eccentricity by and for the author, to the chagrin of the webmaster, and doubtless of no interest to anyone else.

Last Updated: 23 November 2022
Reason: Update web buttons, install new header image, change backlink hypertext to linked images, and hyperlink text to pages which now exist.

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